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Sunday, June 29, 2014

World War One - The Real Cause

On 28 June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated in Sarajevo. A murder that led to the outbreak of the First World War ... Now the important part .. read it ... The Archduke was visiting Sarajevo and was waving at people from an open carriage, there were security fears and because of which the route for the convoy had been changed ... the would be assassin was standing at a turning en route the original planned route ... the new route was that the convoy was not supposed to take that turn and go straight ... but but but ... THE DRIVER FORGOT THAT ... and took the turn .. then he realized and was planning to go back and go straight ... but by then the assassin had marked the Archduke and his Wife and fatally shot them... they died and that TRIGGERED THE FIRST WORLD WAR ... Phew so conclusion .... THE WORLD WAR ONE WAS caused because of a DRIVER'S ERROR

Friday, June 20, 2014

England decide to buy the World-Cup

Disclaimer : Any side effects like heart attacks, headache, backache, brain ache, etc (I just love the word etc), after reading this is in no way the responsibility of the author, .i.e. me.

Mario Balotelli scores the winner for Italy
The Football Association of England confirmed yesterday that they will be contacting FIFA and try and bid for the World Cup Trophy. The officials decided to do this after the team suffered a shock defeat ( it shocked them ) to Uruguay in the group stage match at the world cup. This came right after the other shock defeat England had suffered at the hands of Italy a few days ago in their opening game of the World Cup. The officials further pointed out that they lost both the matches 2-1, which they said meant, 'TO WON', which they further confirmed meant, 'TO BE WON'. The FA has taken this as a sign meaning that the World Cup is theirs, 'TO BE WON'. Now, since the players haven't been able to win it since 1966 when they had last won it on home soil, the board has decided to try and convince FIFA to let them bid for the CUP.

Luis Suarez scores his first goal

When asked about it, former England and Manchester United player, Paul Scholes said, " I feel England are past their prime and should concentrate on trying to get the cup home by any means possible". Lots of former players also echoed this sentiment. The pensioners association of England have confirmed that they will be donating half their savings to the FA to try and Bid for the cup. The Queen has confirmed the move by the FA and has wished them all the best, she also said that the cup will look great in her showcase and that the FA should leave no stones unturned in trying to get the cup.

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Movie Review - Citylights

Cast: Rajkumar Rao, Patralekha, Manav Kaul
Directed by: Hansal Mehta
Produced by: Mukesh Bhatt
Cinematography: Dev Agarwal
Music: Jeet Ganguly
Background Score: Raju Singh
Rating : 4/5

Based on Sean Ellis' acclaimed Metro Manila, Citylights is one of the Darkest films I have seen in recent times. The film tells the story of a migrant from Rajasthan , Deepak ( Rajkumar Rao) who loses his business and is in debt, decides to come to Mumbai with his wife, Rakhi (Patralekha ) and little daughter in search of a job and a brighter future. He comes to Mumbai depending on his friend Omkar to be his support in his initial days, but never finds him once he reaches here. In despair, Deepak searches for a house to stay with his family, but instead gets tricked of whatever little money he has. Circumstances forces the family to take shelter in an under construction building, while Deepak keeps searching for a job, Rakhi is forced to find work as a Bar Girl to fend off the daily expenses. Deepak finally finds a job as a security officer with an armoured security firm, which ferries safe boxes for the Ultra Rich. Everything looks to be getting  settled on the surface,  but is everything as it seems to be.  

Rajkumar Rao is fantastic in this film as a simple migrant who just wants a good life for his family. You can really connect to him , you can feel his innocence. Patralekha as the wife who really wants to help her husband in his quest is a fine counterbalance. Performances from both the lead actors are just amazing. In addition Manav Kaul as Vishnu Sir, Deepak’s mentor in this big city delivers a power packed performance as well.

Cinematography is brilliant. Shots of Deepak and his family sleeping in a dingy under construction 3BHK flat, Deepak looking towards the vast expanse of the ocean in despair,  Shots of the Doves flying around, a fallen bicycle all are powerfully canned. 

The editing of Citilights is crisp and smooth, you may not even find one frame that drags. The first half went so smoothly that I didn’t even feel that one hour went. Felt more like 20 minutes.  All in all a wonderful film, worth a watch. However, if you have watched Metro Manila , don’t expect this to be as brilliant.

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